Survey Tool

Finally, a truly free, fully functional survey tool lets you and your team get answers to questions directly from your target audience, colleagues, and users.

Easily create, test, and distribute surveys. In one or multiple languages. From 1 to 1,000 questions. Simple or with logic and randomisations. Limitlessly.

Find quality respondents from online research panels, if you need it. And even if not, enjoy top-notch reporting dashboards and Excel and PowerPoint exports.
Create a free survey

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Main outputs

Survey participants

Unlimited responses

You need reliable data to achieve your research goals. That’s there are no caps on response numbers or question count.

Bring your own respondents and collect as much data as you like. Utilise your existing database to create an audience for your online survey.

Take advantage of Conjointly's extensive panel of survey participants. Target your desired audience and gain access to respondents. Pick your audience and collect the data you really need.

Online survey question types

Unlimited questions

The powerful survey maker includes a number of different question types. From quick multiple-choice to test audience preferences to open-ended survey questions to gain deeper insights.

Take advantage of the additional questions, such as star ratings and Likert scales to efficiently analyse and present your data. No limit on question numbers allows you to collect the insights you need.

AI-based survey creation

AI-based quick survey creation

Enter a simple description or questions, and let Generative AI generate a survey for you with relevant multiple-choice and short-text questions based on your request.

Save time and effort with the quick survey creation functionality. Moreover, you can easily make any necessary edits on the generated questions or add more questions to tailor the survey to your specific needs.

Translate the survey into multiple languages

Translate into multiple languages

Create surveys for respondents all around the world with the quick and easy multilingual translation functionality. Automatically translate your survey into more than 30 languages for respondents around the world or import your own language translations.

Editing multiple languages in the survey has never been easier. You can easily switch between them using a drop-down menu or edit them all at once in the Translation tab. And then you can preview your survey to see how translations are displayed to respondents.

Share survey access

Collaborate with your team

Design your survey with suggestions from your colleagues. Provide read-only access to stakeholders and get feedback from your team.

Share actionable insights and fresh perspectives with exportable data. Give access to the reports section for your team members.

Unlimited surveys

Do it again and again

Conjointly's free online survey tool allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys for any purpose you like. Get multiple surveys running and gather strong insights for your business.


How do I find survey respondents?

There are four ways you can source real human respondents for your survey:

  • Target specific panel respondents: Buy responses from Conjointly's panel network. Target them by location, demographics, and profiling questions.
  • Use a pre-defined panel: Target specific pre-defined respondents (including those who are pre-defined for your company).
  • Bring your own respondents: Use a list of your customers or leads, or source respondents from elsewhere.
  • Send an email campaign: Use contacts from one of your audiences.

Learn more about how to get survey respondents.

How many participants do I need for a survey?

Survey Tool allows unlimited responses to surveys. For most surveys, one needs at least 200 responses to get reliable results.

Can I ask more than 10 questions with the Survey Tool?

Yes, the Survey Tool allows you to ask an unlimited number of questions. Other online survey tools might set a limit on questions in their free versions. However, the Survey Tool gives you the freedom to decide the length of your survey.

Can I view my survey report in Excel?

Yes, you can export collected data for further analysis in Excel, allowing access to individual responses and summarised reports. Learn how to export your survey results into Excel.

What types of questions can I add to my free survey?

The Survey Tool offers numerous question types that you can add to your survey, including: text response, multiple choice, Likert scale, star rating grid, and more. However, specialised product and pricing research methods (like Van Westendorp PSM require a paid licence).

How can I share my survey with respondents?

The Survey Tool creates a shareable survey link once you have launched your survey. You can also pass on information about respondents by appending GET variables to the link.

Can I share surveys with colleagues for collaboration?

Yes, you and your colleagues can work together on creating experiments, provided they sign up for a free account with Conjointly. Learn how to share surveys with colleagues.

Is Survey Tool compliant with GDPR?

Yes, Conjointly takes all the necessary steps to protect your data, like encryption and least privilleged access. Learn more on the GDPR page.

Why is the Survey Tool available without charge?

Conjointly is a service for product and pricing research. We have developed the world's most sophisticated set of tools for this specialised need. However, in the process of doing so, we had to develop general survey functionality, which can be used for any purpose. Rather than asking the public to pay for this functionality, we thought to make to widely accessible and called it the Survey Tool.

You can still get paid services from Conjointly, like sample of respondents, professional translations, or Quick Feedback to support the availability of the Survey Tool.

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