Exporting as a PowerPoint Presentation

Follow these steps to export the results of your Conjointly experiment to a PowerPoint presentation.

1. Add outputs to export

Select which outputs you would like to add to export by navigating to each output and clicking on the “Add to export” button.

add output to export

2. Check analysis export cart

Adding outputs to export will open the analysis cart at the bottom of the page. Here you will be able to see all the outputs and reorder the outputs by clicking and dragging them into the desired order.

check the outputs in the analysis cart

3. Export as PowerPoint

Once all the desired outputs have been added to the cart, click the “Make PowerPoint file” and Conjointly will compile the download file.

This process can take a few seconds. When the file is ready, click on the “Download it now” button on the sidebar to download the PowerPoint Presentation

Export the PowerPoint presentation