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Brand Name Test

As part of the Market Test suite, the Brand Name Test is a fast and effective brand testing tool that allows you to:

  • Test up to three brand names simultaneously at only USD 289.
  • Gather feedback from 100 real consumers.
  • Receive a detailed and shareable report in under two hours.

Just fill in your brand names and email address below to launch the test.

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Brand Name Test

What you will receive from the Brand Name Test

Conclusions of overall performance

Conclusions of overall performance

Obtain summary results on the performance of your brand names across all the metrics tested.

Standard assessment for each brand name

Standard assessment for each brand name

Discover how your brand names perform on a range of KPIs.

Engagement and pricing perception

Engagement and pricing perception

Understand whether the brand names stimulate intent to learn more and higher price expectations.

Emotions toward brand names

Emotions toward brand names

Identify the top three emotions felt towards your brand names by consumers.

AI text analysis of brand names

AI text analysis of brand names

Through AI text summaries, uncover rich insights from likes and dislikes comments, associations, and additional comments that respondents make.

How is Market Test so fast?

The speed of Market Test tools is due to:

  • Utilising the same advanced technology and methodology used in the Conjointly platform.
  • Convenience sampling prioritising response collection speed with million of respondents available.
  • Fully automated analysis and report generation.

By minimising human intervention and eliminating unnecessary time-consuming processes, the Market Test delivers the full results to you in under two hours.

Brand Name Test Outputs

Who are the people giving feedback?

Market Test uses an industry-standard sample of the US general population, commonly used in market research and political poling.

Each test includes:

  • 100 USA-based respondents,
  • An equal gender split,
  • Age quotas reflective of the general population.

Gather feedback from 100 real people

Who can you share your report with?

All Market Test results are prepared in the form of public reports, making it effortless to share them with your colleagues, managers, clients, and even investors via link or email.

Share your results with relevant stakeholders

Want to invite your own respondents and test unlimited designs?

With a Conjointly licence, you gain access to the full Brand Name Test that lets you test unlimited names, source real human respondents through Conjointly’s extensive consumer panels, or invite your own participants. The survey is fully customisable, allowing you to include additional questions and other methods.

Want to invite your own respondents and test unlimited designs?

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