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Leverage both human and AI content creation to create branding, concepts, and marketing assets at a large scale.


Utilise Market Test to evaluate product concepts, branding, and marketing assets.


Use your product and marketing materials with confidence, standing out from the competition.

Streamline your creative testing with Market Test

  • Launch a Market Test within minutes, starting from USD 99 per test.
  • Receive real consumer insights in under two hours.
  • Evaluate performance against benchmarks.
  • Digest open-ended feedback through AI summaries.
  • Share your results with relevant stakeholders.
Market Test Outputs
Gather feedback from 100 real people

Who are the people giving feedback?

Market Test uses an industry-standard sample of the US general population, commonly used in market research and political poling.

Each test includes:

  • 100 USA-based respondents,
  • An equal gender split,
  • Age quotas reflective of the general population.

Affordable and agile testing

Affordable and agile testing

Starting at just USD 99 per test and delivering results in under two hours, Market Test is both affordable and quick to fit seamlessly into your content generation process, thanks to:

  • The use of the state of the art Conjointly platform, eliminating time-consuming processes.
  • Time-efficient general population sampling, even with stringent quotas and quality checks put in place.
Validate your generated content with real humans

Validate your generated content with real humans

Generated content may be ready to revolutionise how we do business, but its outputs sometimes could be better. Market Test provides real consumer feedback while identifying flaws that may not be apparent to AI tools.

Be confident in your content before release

Be confident in your content before release

Market Test offers an effective way to help you stay in tune with general sentiments towards your content. Gathering feedback from a diverse consumer base ensures your content represents your brand's values.

Market Test Case Studies

Testing the Citizen Classic Watch concept

A Product Concept Test was performed to discover respondents’ opinions about the Citizen’s new Classic Watch concept.

Evaluating Facebook and Meta to determine the better name

A Business Name Evaluator experiment was conducted to uncover respondents' preferred business name between Facebook and Meta.

Examining the evolution of the Starbucks logo through testing

A Logo Test was executed on Starbucks' logos from different time periods to identify the most favoured option.

Testing an AI-generated image of a woman at a café

A Graphic Design Feedback experiment was carried out to discover which AI-generated graphic is preferred by respondents.

The full collection of Market Test case studies

Check out the full collection of Market Test case studies for inspiration to help you get started with your own tests.


Can I customise Market Test surveys?

Market Test surveys are not customisable. The questions included in each Market Test are deliberately selected to evaluate the performance of the tested assets against crucial key performance indicators (KPIs). Customisable surveys are available with a Conjointly licence.

Can I launch a Market Test outside the Conjointly platform?

Yes. Market Test seamlessly integrates with Figma, enabling you to launch a Market Test to evaluate your designs directly within Figma. Explore the Market Test guide for more details.

How many assets can I test per Market Test?

For most Market Test experiments, you can include up to three stimuli per test. Testing three stimuli ensures an optimal survey length and allows respondents to compare multiple assets simultaneously.

However, the Product Concept Test, Product Description Test, and Ad Copy Test limit the survey to only one stimulus. This is due to the methodologies requiring respondents to provide an in-depth evaluation of the stimuli being tested, and asking respondents to evaluate more than one stimulus could result in respondent fatigue.

Does Market Test require a Conjointly licence?

No, Market Test does not require a Conjointly licence.

Do my friends/colleagues need a Conjointly account to view the results?

No, all Market Test results are available in the form of public reports, making it effortless to share them with your friends and colleagues via a link or email.

Where can I learn more about the Market Test reports and outputs?

Check out our example report, or refer to the intuitive guide on interpreting the market test results.

Can I launch a Market Test via the Conjointly API?

Yes, Market Tests can be launched via the Conjointly API.