Feature Placement Simulator

Predict the impact of product and pricing adjustments

As part of the four-module Feature and Pricing Suite for SaaS, The Feature Placement Simulator is a full-service solution that helps you construct the most optimal features and pricing architecture. By performing multiple Gabor-Granger exercises via monadic tests, the Feature Placement Simulator lets you predict the impact of features and pricing adjustments on revenue, profitability, and adoptions growth or churn. SaaS brands commonly use the FPS to evaluate:

  • Upgrade or downgrade of the software offering.
  • Introduction of new features.
  • Launching of new software tiers.
  • New pricing structure or model.
Feature Placement Simulator


Soundwave Co
Upload speed (gbps)11 - 51 - 5
Download speed (gbps)11 - 1011 - 15
Cloud storage10 GB50 GB5 TB
Data history60 days360 daysUnlimited
Number of accounts1520
Price (per month)$150.00$300.00$420.00

Construct the features and pricing architecture that maximises your software adoption and revenue

Feature Pricing Simulator Table Example

Identify the most optimal number of tiers along with the allocation of features and pricing to each tier

The Feature Placement Simulator helps you construct the subscription plan that maximises your software revenue and volume share. This includes the pricing structure and allocation of features to each software tier, through testing in a competitive context.

Simulation of preference share of pricing plans

Preference share simulation for pricing plans

Evaluate the share of preference for each pricing plan

Through simulation, the experts at Conjointly can compare the volume share of various pricing plans. This helps to investigate the impact of features and pricing adjustments on your software adoption.

The example features a simulator built to help an online music platform discovers the optimal combinations of its pricing tiers for maximum software adoption. The combination of basic, standard, and premium tiers results in the highest preference share.

Revenue projection of pricing plans

Revenue projection of pricing plans

Minimise risk and uncertainty with simulation-based projections

Another key output of the FPS is the revenue projections of your pricing plans. This helps you learn the monetary impact of your features and pricing adjustments and make a robust costs-benefits evaluation.

In this example, Soundwave Co maximises its profit by offering the basic, standard, and premium tiers and avoids offering four software tiers that involve higher costs but lower returns.


Conjointly developed the Feature Placement Simulator to help you test the performance of your software plans in the competitive context. To get the most out of the tool, the inputs should include your and your competitors' software offerings.

Let's look at a disguised example, Soundwave Co, an enterprise software provider pivoting into a multi-tier pricing model. Soundwave Co is interested in identifying the optimal number of tiers, features, and prices it should offer to users for maximum software adoption and revenue.

Inputs related to competitors

Soundwave Co and its main rivals, Brand X and Brand Y, currently make up approximately 80% of their niche market share. To ensure accurate and reliable performance simulation, Soundwave Co supplies inputs on the Brand X and Brand Y offerings.

Brand XBrand Y
Upload speed (gbps)111 - 511 - 51 - 5
Download speed (gbps)111 - 1011 - 101 - 10
Cloud storage10 GB50 GB1 TB10 GB50 GB1 TB
Data history60 days360 days360 days60 days360 days360 days
Number of accounts13101515
Live support-30 days90 days-30 days90 days
Live support-30 days90 days-30 days90 days
Price (per month)$120.00$240.00$380.00$100.00$250.00$400.00

Inputs related to Soundwave Co software

As Soundwave Co is pivoting into a multi-tier pricing structure, it provides a list of potential features it could offer. Although the list is not exhaustive to include every software feature and component, the most essential and standard features for their users are included.

Soundwave Co
Number of Pricing Tiers2 - 4
Features that are available to offer:
Upload speedMaximum up to 10 gbps
Download speedMaximum up to 15 gbps
Cloud storageMaximum up to 10 TB
Data historyUnlimited
Number of accountsMaximum up to 20 accounts
Live supportUnlimited

Based on these inputs, the Conjointly researchers custom-designed an experiment to help Soundwave Co achieve its objectives. Our experts are also ready to assist you in your software research project. Schedule a consultation to get started.

Survey flow

The Feature Placement Simulator survey is highly customisable to your specific needs. Here is an example of a five-stage FPS survey.

Stage 1: Screening questions

The survey begins with screening questions to filter potential survey respondents and ensure only the desired audience is re-directed to complete the survey. Some commonly used screening questions include demographics, usages, and behaviours.

How would you best describe your usage, or intended future use regarding the enterprise software?

No Use or Plans

Plan to Use


Heavy user

Stage 2: Specific questions related to the software

In the second stage, qualified respondents are normally asked questions that are usually asked questions about their software usage, such as the number of users needed, storage size, account controls, etc.

How many devices do you need to access the music streaming services?







Stage 3: Sequential monadic tests

Next, respondents are asked to rate the importance of the features to them.

Please consider the following feature regarding the music streaming software

Unlimited data history

How important is this feature for you?

Very important
Somewhat important
Somewhat not important
Very not important

Stage 4: Gabor-Granger exercises

After the questions on feature importance, respondents are asked a series of “would you purchase this product at X price” questions. The prices are randomly selected between a set of minimum and maximum prices. This stage helps in finding the revenue-optimising price points for the software.

Assuming that all the features that are important to you are available, will you consider subscribing to Soundwave Co for your business at $24.99 per month in total for all users?

Soundwave Co

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Stage 5: Additional diagnostic questions

Lastly, the survey ends with additional diagnostic questions, such as gender, location, and current software usage, that help you perform the subgroup analysis for more in-depth insights.

How many people are employed at your company?




More than 500

Which of the following enterprise software are you using?

Software A

Software B

Software C

Software D

Software E

Software F

Brand X

Brand Y

Soundwave Co

None of the above

Take a sample FPS survey to learn more. If you have any enquiry, schedule a consultation and one of our experts will get back to you.

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