Overhaul, repackage, and refine your software offering based on user insights

Innovative SaaS offerings require innovative research. Whether your goal is to acquire new users, drive profitability, or reduce churn rate, Conjointly can help you find actionable insights.

The Feature and Pricing Suite for SaaS is a four-stage research program developed for SaaS offering optimisation. The suite lets you discover your users' needs, construct software tiers that maximise penetration and profitability, explore hypothetical pricing pages and more.

The Feature and Pricing Suite is accessible to any product or strategy manager as it does not require you install software and does not involve historical data analysis. Let's get your research going!

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Software features

Step 1: Classify features by attractiveness to users with the Kano Model

It is crucial to understand your customer's expectations regarding different potential product features. Some features may be expected in every tier, while others are expected in only the premium offerings.

The Kano Model tool allows you to delve deep into your users' perceptions regarding the inclusion and exclusion of potential software features. The model differentiates features into must-be, attractive, performance, and indifferent feature, making it easier to focus on developing and marketing the features that maximise user acquisition and expansion.

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Software features

Step 2: Identify the ideal tier for each feature with the Feature Placement Matrix

Understanding both the importance users place on each feature, as well as their willingness to pay for the feature is a crucial step in maximising the life time value of your users.

Through combining the MaxDiff and Van Westendorp analysis, the Feature Placement Matrix is here to help you easily discover the importance and value of each feature. The Feature Placement Matrix then categorises features into the appropriate tier to maximise user value, by crafting a product plan that attracts users to premium offerings while not disenfranchising the basic users.

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Interactive simulator for software features and pricing

Step 3: Predict how your product plan adjustments impact preference share, revenue, and more with the Feature Placement Simulator

Want to investigate the potential of your subscription model, see the impact pivoting towards a new pricing structure, or model how a new competitor may impact your user base? Simulation can help you test your existing and new subscription plans in a competitive context to annihilate unnecessary costs and uncertainty.

The Feature Placement Simulator is a simulator built specifically for your brand, products, and competitors. The ultimate objective is to find the most optimal features and pricing architecture for your targeted users. It also helps you predict the impact of upgrading and downgrading features on the demand and profitability of your product.

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Software features

Step 4: Validate your pricing page's ability to maximise conversions with the Feature Placement Validator

The pricing page is the last stop before visitors leave your website or become your users. An effective pricing page holds just the right breadth and depth of information with high-converting call-to-action buttons.

Conjointly helps you perfect every aspect of your pricing page with the Feature Placement Validator. This specialised tool provides insights into visitors' behaviours on your pricing pages. Based on users' mouse movements, response time, plan choices, detailed preference share and revenue projections, you can easily identify the pricing page with maximum conversions and minimum dropouts.

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Access millions of consumers around the world

To gain relevant consumer insights and feedback, consumer surveys often require a sample of hundreds of users from your software niche, including current users and potential subscribers.

Conjointly works with leading panel providers to deliver quality respondents directly into your survey, using location, demographics, and profiling questions to pinpoint your target audience. Conjointly also monitor responses to guarantee quality.

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From experimental design and set up, data collection, analysis and presentation, Conjointly's experts are here to help.

Conjointly's team consists of expert researchers who specialise in pricing and product questions - Improve your product portfolio and pricing strategies with accurate and effective solutions from Conjointly's experts.

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