Video Test

The Video Test is a variation on the Monadic Test designed for testing videos. Gather feedback and determine the effectiveness of your videos for your website or advertisement. The Video Test is used for:

  • Finding the best performing videos
  • Comparing respondent attitude to each video
  • Receiving feedback regarding what consumers liked or disliked about your videos
Video Test

Main outputs of the Video Test

Summary of response table:

Summary of response table:

How does each video perform relative to the others?

The main output for the Video Test, this table displays the summary statistic for each question. It allows for an at-a-glance comparison between videos to help you determine the best performing video

Video Passports:

Video Passports:

What is the overall performance of each video?

Image passports shows an overview of how each video performed. It includes the summary metrics for every question and open-ended positive and negative feedback.

Video correlations table:

Video correlations table:

Which videos appeal to the same respondents?

Correlations measure the similarity between your videos, with a more positive correlation between two videos indicating stronger similarity and a more negative correlation indicating more dissimilarity. Correlations can show you which videos appeal to the same subset of respondents.

Detailed question output for a particular stimulus:

Detailed question output for a particular stimulus:

How did my videos perform on a particular question?

Inspect detailed metrics for each question, including the distribution of responses, medians, ranges, and participant counts. You can select which video to display outputs for using the drop-down selection at the top of the output.

How to set up an Ad Test on Conjointly

Step 1

Input your videos into the study. For each video you can specify a name (not displayed to respondents) to help identify it.

Choose participants

Step 2

Choose how you want to source your respondents. With Conjointly, there are four ways you can source real human respondents for your survey:

  1. Bring your own respondents: Use a list of your customers or leads, source respondents from elsewhere, or integrate with another survey.
  2. Target specific panel respondents: Purchase responses from our panel network if you want to target specific respondents by location, demographics, behavioural, and profiling questions.
  3. Use a pre-defined panel: You can target specific respondents, such as your companies own pre-defined audience.
  4. Send an email campaign: Use contacts from one of your audiences.

Step 3

Save your experiment to add or modify the questions in the study. To add a question, click on the “Add question” button, select the type of question you wish to add, and then drag and drop the question into the Video Testing block.

Step 4

Preview the survey as a participant to test your setup and prepare to launch.

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